What to Do When Your False Teeth Get Involved in a Messy Accident

What are the lengths you’re willing to go through for a loved one? A man in the city of Waukesha (Milwaukee, WI), was willing to dive into a dumpster to retrieve his wife’s dentures. However, his valiant act didn’t end well, as it left him trapped in that dumpster. His wife’s dentures were also never found, even if a firefighter and the local police helped search for it after he was rescued. FOX6 News reporter Bret Lemoine has more on the story:

Dunkin’ Donuts Dumpster

It all happened on the evening of September 23rd.

At the Dunkin ‘ Donuts on Grandview Boulevard, an elderly couple had been in earlier in the day and returned that night — realizing they had left something important behind.

As it turned out, the woman had somehow misplaced her dentures. Thinking the teeth had been pitched, her husband wanted to search the garbage can inside the store, but the trash had already been taken to the dumpster out back. Despite a warning, and the icky factor, the man stepped onto some pallets and went into the dumpster.

The elderly man couldn’t get out of the dumpster, and Dunkin’ Donuts workers called for help. [Joseph Coffey of the Waukesha Fire Department responded.]

On the other side of the world, another elderly’s attempt to save her dentures didn’t go so well. 85-year old Grandma Zhang of China tried to fish out her dental prosthetic when it fell into her toilet, but her arm got stuck. Fortunately, local firefighters were able to get her out of the mess.

Over in Concord, CA, those with their own sets of false teeth may have been tempted to do similar stunts or actually pursued it. The question is: when you’re able to salvage your dentures from a garbage bin or a toilet bowl, could you really bear to wear it again? More importantly, won’t you encounter problems, especially concerning your health?

When your removable prosthetics get involved in a messy accident, it could have been broken in the process or become ill-fitting; worse, it could end up causing gum irritation, oral infections, and even respiratory ailments. If you were able to retrieve it, take it to a professional. An experienced dentist like Dr. Kent Davis of Dentures Done Right can inspect the prosthetic for damages and thoroughly sanitize and repair it as necessary. Otherwise, he can fit you with new, durable, and well-fitted dental partials or dentures.

(Source: Saved by Firefighter “Coffey:” Man searching for wife’s dentures in Dunkin’ Donuts dumpster…can’t get out!, Publication, Date, 2014)

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