Too Young for False Teeth? Anyone can be a Candidate for Dentures

Common experience and knowledge support the belief that dentures are meant only for the elderly, who are more likely to lose their teeth. However, Marya Smith writes in that this notion isn’t exactly accurate because even younger people might need to wear false teeth, for various reasons. For example, missing a couple of teeth may seem harmless enough, but it can add more pressure on the remaining teeth and lead to more tooth loss if not supported by dentures.

Need Dentures

Fortunately, reliable dentists like Dr. Kent Davis of Dentures Done Right have the skills and expertise to make a set of dentures for almost anyone of any age. Aside from traditional dentures, these dentists can also provide implant-supported dentures that are sturdier and more reliable. Most types of dentures are safe for almost everyone, but it is best to consult with a dentist to find out if one is a good candidate for dentures.

For instance, wearing dentures may be a concern for diabetics, who have higher chances of developing thrush through prolonged denture use. Diabetics are advised to avoid wearing dentures all the time; otherwise, they could develop gum irritation with painful scratches and small wounds. Diabetics who do wear dentures should make sure they keep the dentures clean and well-fitted at all times.

Other than those rare medical concerns, there are very few things that should keep people with missing teeth from wearing false teeth. However, it is important to get the right kind of dentures that would suit individual conditions. People who have lost most of their teeth may be good candidates for full dentures; while those who are missing only a few teeth can choose dental partials. Patients who are missing just a tooth or two may want to consider a dental implant.

While everyone wants to put off wearing dentures for as long as possible, certain circumstances may just warrant the need for it. Fortunately, expert dental services can now produce dentures that can look and function just as well as natural teeth.

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