Taking Care of Partial Denture Implants Helps Maintain Oral Health

Good oral hygiene is important, even more so for those who already have partial dentures as these can affect the other remaining teeth as well. According to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare Brand Manager Akaterina Kletter:

“Many people are not aware of the effect that partial dentures can have on existing teeth. Partial denture wearers are almost twice as likely to lose the teeth next to their partial denture, compared to the rest of their remaining teeth. It’s important to be educated about how to properly care for your partial denture to help protect your remaining teeth.”

Partial Dentures, Finds Few are Doing Enough to Ensure that their Partial Dentures are Always in Good Condition

The conclusion was based on the results of their national survey of partial dentures wearer (PDWs), showing that 36% did not observe proper oral hygiene within the first year of wearing dentures. The article also says that “the teeth on either side of a partial denture are twice as likely to be lost compared to other teeth in a partial denture wearer’s mouth.” While still aware that keeping both fake and authentic teeth clean is important, having dentures might have given people some sort of reassurance that they are safe.

Dentures are not indestructible. They need proper daily cleaning and have to be kept moist when not in use to ensure that they last long. People with denture implants, on the other hand, will need to ensure that they keep their mouth clean and healthy to avoid complications such as gum disease. Gum disease can present complications especially in the area around the implants where bacterial plaque may start building up.

Other than poor oral regimen, studies have found out that smoking can also aid the development of gum conditions such as periodontitis and peri-implantitis – both caused by bacterial plaque buildup. Those who already have had gum disease should also take extra care in keeping their implants clean and their gums healthy. In a study where patients received meticulous oral care, only 1.8% of them developed peri-implantitis after 10 years.

Having a quality set of permanent dentures from practices like Dentures Done Right does not excuse people from following a good and healthy oral regimen, rather, this gives them more reason to take extra care of their oral health. The dentures themselves should be handled with care and cleaned using a denture brush with soft bristles and a denture cleaner – not an ordinary toothpaste which may contain abrasive particles.

(Info from National Survey Uncovers the Truth about Partial Dentures, Finds Few are Doing Enough to Ensure that their Partial Dentures are Always in Good Condition, GlaxoSmithKline, May 30, 2013)

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