The Right Solution for Denture Repair: Dentures Done Right!


If your denture cracks, it is often possible to hold the two pieces together very accurately. If you have used super glue on the broken edge of your denture or partial it makes it impossible to line up the two pieces, when this is the case, the only option for denture repair is to make a new denture or partial.

Indications for Denture Repairs

Dentures or false teeth and partial dentures are made from acrylics and metal alloys. The materials used today are far superior to those of the past, but they are not indestructible. They have been developed to withstand the oral environment. They do a good job of withstanding the forces of chewing, clenching and grinding for years. However, they do have a life. The metal clasps of a partial denture become “work hardened” over time. Like when you bend a coat hanger back and forth, it finally breaks. The acrylic (or plastic) portion crystallizes over a period of 5 to 10 years. The plastic becomes more brittle and can begin to crack. These cracks can often occur down the middle of the denture, but also around the teeth. If it occurs around the teeth the teeth can pop out. This often happens in the upper front, but can happen to any tooth. There are times that a denture can drop into the sink or on a hard surface and break a corner from the denture. There are times when someone is sick and they accidentally flush their denture. This can be very embarrassing and will require that a new denture be made. It is in cases such as this that it is wise to have a “Spare Denture”, “Backup Denture” or “Jump Denture”. Ask your dentist about the low cost of having the security of owning a second denture. They are easily made from impressions of your existing denture or partial denture. One of the most common reasons for denture repairs results from a dog getting ahold of the denture. It is definitely a desirable chew toy.

What is the process of a Denture Repair?

The dentist will need to see your denture to determine if an impression will be necessary prior to having the denture lab repair it. The typical denture repair is done in just one day. You will need to be in the office with your damaged denture before 9 a.m. and you will likely get it back after 3 p.m. There are occasions when it takes more time. When metal repair is required, it may need to be cast and welded to the metal framework of your partial denture. This can take additional time, up to a day or two. There are times when the upper denture cracks down the middle, then a wire mesh or cast metal base will need to be used to keep the crack from happening over and over. People with a square jaw or strong jaw muscles from clenching, grinding or chewing gum, often have this kind of problem.