Mini Denture Implants: Transforming the Field of Dental Restoration

Modern dentistry offers an array of temporary and permanent solutions for tooth loss. Dental implants, for instance, restore the look and function of natural teeth and last quite long to boot. However, this option is not suitable for everyone, particularly those who lack adequate jawbone to hold implants in place.

A dental implant is a small, screw-like device made of titanium alloy that requires a strong foundation (i.e. jawbone) to withstand the pressures from everyday chewing and clenching. Normally, people with thin jawbones are advised to undergo bone grafting surgery that entails transplanting a piece of bone onto the jaw as a way to replace damaged or missing bone. Such a procedure entails several months’ recovery time before implant surgery can take place.

Meanwhile, scientists from the University of Iowa have discovered an alternative way of growing new bone in the jaw. As reported on, the method involves the use of a biopatch or a nano-sized particle that delivers bone-regenerating DNA directly to the cells. The success rate of this procedure, however, has yet to be established on a wider scale.

Luckily, patients don’t have to wait for this discovery to take off as they can consider mini implants that require less bone and involve less trauma than conventional implants. These devices are embedded just a few millimeters from the surface of the underlying bone structure. In contrast to typical dental implant surgery, mini dental implant installation may require only up to two appointments in a non-surgical setup. In some cases, dentures may be attached directly after the implant has been placed.

Normally, patients have to go through additional surgeries to make room in the bone for larger denture implants. One example is the sinus lift procedure, which involves bone grafting to strengthen the implant’s foundation, particularly if the subject tooth is an incisor. This may require another three to four months of healing before the actual dental implant surgery can proceed. Additional procedures like this certainly add to the cost and prolong the process.

As one can see, traditional dental implant surgery can be invasive, costly, and time-consuming. For a more convenient and efficient option, patients can consider high-quality mini implants offered by a trusted dental office like Dentures Done Right.

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