Looking to Get Denture Implants? Why You should Get a Check-up First

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Convenient denture implants are used to replace the missing teeth of people who suffered a serious mishap, undergone a dental extraction, or any other reason that will lead to permanent tooth loss. However, if you fall under any one of these categories, don’t schedule surgery just yet!

Ideally, people who plan to undergo any dental implant surgery should be of good general and oral health, as anything less might only be a hindrance to the success of the procedure. Moreover, you will need strong jawbones which can accommodate the titanium post for the implant.

You should also know that the success of these implants will depend on how effectively your gum tissues heal and affix themselves to the appliance, so it’s important to have strong and healthy gums when undergoing such a procedure. Always remember that incorrect fitting and setting up of an implant will only serve as a detriment to the surgery.

What then, are you supposed to do to ensure whether or not you are a candidate for sturdy permanent dentures? Why, contact us, of course! We will conduct examinations on the condition of your teeth and gums, and greenlight the procedure if you pass. What’s more, you get this consultation absolutely FREE!

FREE Denture Implant Consultation

  • FREE Denture Implant Consultation

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