Good Practices in Maintaining False Teeth Will Ensure Their Longevity

In his article for Dental Economics, dentist Joseph Massad illustrates the importance of good oral hygiene, and patients’ compliance to post op care. Without these, the success of even the most advanced treatments may be threatened.

The dentist narrates how a denture implant procedure he performed nearly failed when his patient failed to conduct the proper hygiene methods he recommended. Luckily, dentist and patient were able to get the inflammation under control, and turned the procedure into a success.

“You can see the results comparing the two figures after one week of this oral hygiene regimen. With this one patient, we were able to get the inflammation under control before it was too late; however, many noncompliant patients may not be so lucky.”

Patients need to remember that treatments involve their cooperation. The dentist will come up with a post-treatment care that the patient needs to comply with to avoid complications and have a timely recovery. In particular, maintaining good oral hygiene is critical, as Dr. Massad stresses in his article: “Proven hygiene methods allow patients to maintain dental health.”

Following your dentist’s instructions becomes even more important when the treatment calls for installing artificial parts in your mouth, such as implants, false teeth sets, and so on. These treatments require healthy gums to attach to and let them do their job. If subjected to the same kind of neglect as natural teeth, dentures and implants can eventually fail. While false teeth may be impervious to decay, dirty dentures can cause dangerous gum infections and diseases.

Oral hygiene is key to ensuring an implant’s or denture’s longevity. The essentials of good oral hygiene are brushing, flossing, and regular visits to trusted dental offices like Dentures Done Right. When a procedure or surgery is involved, the dentist may prescribe special cleaners and brushes, but the basic oral care regimen remains the same.

Even after a successful teeth replacement procedure, regular visits to the dentists are necessary for the maintenance of dentures and implants. Likewise, any denture repair needs have to be done by the dentist to avoid further problems. Patients have to resist any urge for DIY fixes, and above all else, not let their new teeth go the way of their natural ones.

(Source: Patient compliance is not in our control, Dental Economics)

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