Do the Advantages of Mini Denture Implants Make Them Worth Their Cost?

For many people who have experienced losing a tooth or two throughout their lifetime, there have been only two main solutions that dentists could offer them: dentures or implants. Dentures are removable and involve a much less invasive procedure than the latter, yet implants are more or less permanent dental replacements capable of restoring your teeth to their optimum performance, both aesthetically and functionally. Today, however, implants have turned into the more practical option for many dental patients.

Approved by the FDA in 1997, mini denture implants are one of the newest technological advancements in dental implants. While they also make use of a titanium screw inserted into the bone of the jaw, their main difference from a traditional implant is that they use a much smaller screw (not more than 3mm in diameter). This small size gives the mini implant a greater advantage over its predecessor for the following reasons: it’s much easier to put into place, the usual months of healing time are reduced to days, and most of all, it’s less expensive.

According to an article from, the evolution of dental implants has dramatically changed the way cosmetic dentistry works, as they now come equipped with a whole lot of benefits; everything from not falling off your mouth when you smile or eat, to being able to chew your food with pretty much the same amount of effort as when you had a complete, healthy set of teeth.

Traditional implants, on the other hand, come with one major setback due to their large diameter—they couldn’t be placed on a person who is not completely in good health and does not have adequate bone to anchor the device. For these patients, bone grafting might be an option, but that involves another invasive procedure. Fortunately, those who are medically or anatomically deficient to qualify for standard implants can now depend on mini implants to regain dental functionality, as well as boost their self-esteem.

Trusted dental professionals like Dr. Kent E. Davis of Dentures Done Right can even incorporate these sturdy mini implants to stabilize existing ones. To ensure that you get the best implants possible, make sure that you only work with a licensed and experienced dentist. Insertion of mini implants usually involves nothing more than a single session that lasts an hour or two with very little trauma.

Mini dental implants are essential for those who don’t want to bear the burden of consistently caring for and worrying about a set of detachable dentures. Not only are mini implants better than your conventional full dentures, they could also be more apt for your dental needs and state of health than traditional implants.

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