Denture Implants Provider Offers Custom Made False Teeth

Concord, California (September 3, 2013) – Dr. Kent Davis of Dentures Done Right, a highly regarded denture implant provider, is offering custom made false teeth. Through the service, he ensures that individuals obtain attractive, comfortable, and great-fitting dentures to create a beautiful smile.

Loose or improperly fitting dentures can bring about pain and embarrassment for an individual. Aside from experiencing discomfort, the wearer will also have a hard time focusing on daily activities because of the constant need to keep the fake teeth in place. To prevent this, Dr. Davis uses the latest technology to create ideal dentures to make his patients as comfortable as possible. With a custom dental appliance specifically molded to their facial features, they can smile more naturally, look better, and talk and chew food without embarrassment.

For a custom fit, Dr. Davis will take the time needed to understand the patent’s situation, evaluate their mouth conditions, and explain all of their available options. Because of the advancements in dental techniques and devices, patients now have more options for false teeth. Previously only able to select between full or partial options, they can now have snap-in, flexible, or dental implant dentures. Moreover, they no longer have to depend on adhesive because of retention provided by implant-supported false teeth.

Dr. Davis can address all issues with false teeth including relining or repairing them, or creating a completely new set. To provide a more affordable service, he avoids using temporary dentures while patients transition from natural to artificial teeth, this can save thousands of dollars. By creating custom dental appliances, he can do away with having patients pay for an additional “treatment denture”.

The practice makes this possible with mini implants, which are made of a round-headed titanium screw. Fitting this requires no surgery, and can be placed where there is less bone than required for traditional implants. As a result, more people are eligible for the treatment. To help lower dentures snap securely in place, Dr. Davis first places a small hole in the gum and gently screws the mini implant  into the bone.

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About Dr. Kent Davis of Dentures Done Right

With a Mastery of Denture Aesthetics, Dr. Davis has over 30 years of experience in making sure that patients are completely satisfied with their artificial teeth. He is passionate in taking continuous education and training so patients always receive the best and most up to date care.  Due to his success with dentures,  he offers a money-back guarantee.

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