Dental Fear

Helping You Overcome Your Dental Fear

At Dr. Kent Davis’ practice, we want nothing more than to give you a positive experience before, during, and after treatment. We’ve had over 30 years of success providing countless individuals with quality dentures, partials and mini-implants. Not only do we offer our patients an array of top notch dental procedures, but we also make sure they feel comfortable and stress-free throughout the process.

Healthy Looking Smiles without the Pain

We provide a handful of solutions that can help you cope with the anxiety and fear that comes with visiting a dentist.

  • Sedation Dentistry – You can have all of your dental work done at once without having to experience any fear or pain from the dental treatment. You will be supervised to take a series of medications to guarantee a positive dental experience.
    These steps will help you fully relax and allow you to undergo a procedure without any unnecessary qualms, as well as not remembering what went on during the treatment process. Your anxieties about the details of your treatment will never occur.
  • Nitrous Oxide – We also offer our patients Nitrous Oxide, (laughing gas), which can be used in conjunction with the sedatives or on its own. The experience is similar to having a glass of wine, but without the other unwanted effects of alcohol.
  • Video Distraction – We have Netflix on an iPad with video glasses so that you can choose any movie you want and watch it while you are having treatment.
  • Music – Some of our patients prefer listening to music as it brings them into a calm, peaceful state. You can listen to your own playlist or choose from our collection.

Dr. Davis has had countless patients who walked into our practice with looks of uncertainty and doubt, anticipating pain. But under his gentle hands and careful attention, Dr. Davis’ patients leave far more relaxed than they imagined with smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

In fact, most of them have praised our team for successfully changing the way they look at dentistry. From the simplest to the most complicated procedures, they now look forward to our friendly staff, eager to achieve that smile that they’ve always dreamed of having. Call and schedule an appointment today!