What to Do When Your False Teeth Get Involved in a Messy Accident

What are the lengths you’re willing to go through for a loved one? A man in the city of Waukesha (Milwaukee, WI), was willing to dive into a dumpster to retrieve his wife’s dentures. However, his valiant act didn’t end well, as it left him trapped in that dumpster. His wife’s dentures were also never […] Read more »

Denture Implants: Avoiding the Inconveniences of Life with False Teeth

Dentures falling off can be a pain for the wearer. Across the Atlantic, however, it can bring one of the world’s busiest highways to a standstill. In Spain, a motorcyclist lost his dentures upon sneezing, prompting him to stop and look for it. As his search stirred up heavy traffic along Madrid’s busy highway, two […] Read more »

Denture Implants: An Ideal Solution to Ill-Fitting or Loose Dentures

People with missing teeth don’t have to put up with a toothless condition, as they can opt for dentures to restore their oral functions. However, wearing dentures require some getting used to, as Steven B. Horne emphasizes in an article for MedicineNet.com. Read more »

Taking Care of Partial Denture Implants Helps Maintain Oral Health

Good oral hygiene is important, even more so for those who already have partial dentures as these can affect the other remaining teeth as well. According to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare Brand Manager Akaterina Kletter: “Many people are not aware of the effect that partial dentures can have on existing teeth. Partial denture wearers are […] Read more »

False Teeth, Dentures and George Washington During the 18th Century

The facial muscles would sag when you have missing teeth, it’ll make you look older. With properly fitted false teeth you can fill up and reshape your face, and make your smile look better. Have you ever wondered what the first false teeth looked like back then, and what had they been made of? Read more »

Things that You Should Know Before Getting Mini Implants on Your Teeth

When people need to replace their missing teeth, they would usually choose either denture or implants; however, these options are not always good substitutes for some, and should be carefully weighed. This is why mini implants were created as a solution to replace traditional dentures and implants. Mini implants are about half the width of […] Read more »

Do the Advantages of Mini Denture Implants Make Them Worth Their Cost?

For many people who have experienced losing a tooth or two throughout their lifetime, there have been only two main solutions that dentists could offer them: dentures or implants. Dentures are removable and involve a much less invasive procedure than the latter, yet implants are more or less permanent dental replacements capable of restoring your […] Read more »