About Us


  • 30 years of Success with Dentures.
  • A Mastery of Denture Aesthetics.
  • The Latest Techniques to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Mini-Implants that Snap your dentures into place.
  • Total Satisfaction Dentures.

Our services include “Total Satisfaction Dentures”, Immediate Dentures, and oral conscience sedation or “sleep dentistry“.

“A kind, honest and helpful team that takes the fear out of your dentist visits.”

The first thing that patients notice about our office is how well we all get along, we love working with each other.  It is a very unique working environment – we all believe in helping our patients have a good experience. I believe that is why we are so successful with fearful dental patients.  You can read what our patients say on review sites like www.doctoroogle.com.

We will spend the time helping you understand what you need and why. We will answer all of your questions. We will respect your time and stay on schedule. Our objective is to provide comfortable quality dentistry and work with you to spend the least of your money to keep your mouth healthy, beautiful, and comfortable.

Our shots are painless and do not leave you with that “fat drooling” feeling. When you leave the office the numbness is almost completely gone. Continuing education keeps us up to date on all of the latest products and procedures. We love doing cosmetic dentistry, including veneers and bonding. Our services include total satisfaction dentures, snore guards to stop snoring, and sport or night guards to treat grinding and clenching. We also offer oral conscience sedation, also known as “sleep dentistry”.